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Writer's Block: Lucky pants

Do you have a lucky or unlucky piece of clothing? If you have a lucky garment, when do you wear it and what sort of luck has it brought you? If you have an unlucky piece of clothing, why do you keep it? Do you ever wear it just to see what happens?

Back when I was overweight, I had a white turtleneck that I would either wear by itself or under sweaters. Since it was white, I always worried about staining it. For some reason, I seemed to always get into situations that would cause it to stain though. There was once when I was walking to college and I tripped over a bump in the road and I totally ate it, ripping my jeans to shreds and getting blood EVERYWHERE. I was wearing the white turtleneck that day and it looked like I had been in an operating room. There was just blood all over it and I had to call home to get my roommate at the time to bring me clean clothes at school. Luckily, after that it was just simple things like me dropping food on it or spilling food all over the place or baby puke or something. I had to spot treat the shirt so much that I evenutally threw it out!

Writer's Block: Don't tease me bro!

Do you think good-natured teasing often goes too far? Have you ever gotten seriously offended by a joke that crossed the line? Have you been informed that your own teasing hurt someone else's feelings?

Oh yeah, definitely a yes to both questions. My family always used to tease pretty hard-core and you had to have thick skin in order to survive, and if it ever got to be too much and you would get offended then you would get teased even more. I feel like I have a pretty good sense of humor, but there are a lot of times when it could go too far. I remember being 17, and being called the Energizer Bunny because I would keep "cumming and cumming" by my older sister, after which she and my mother dissolved into giggles. I also remember my stepfather going on and on after my mother and he had dinner out with friends and the friends had come back with him, there had been a huge python snake on the television and I was totally freaked out about it. My stepfather's response in front of their friends (I was still only 17) was that I should be used to stuff like that because I had just dated a black guy. Like I said, I have a sense of humor but there is a certain point where it went too far at times. There are lots of jokes on my mom's side of the family that fringe upon me being a slut, promiscuous or blind and thus helpless. I don't think stuff like that is really funny. I make jokes about sex to my friends, but only because I know that they don't mean it and they don't really look down on me.

I have teased people in the past and found out that I hurt their feelings. Growing up in the kind of environment that I did taught me to be harsh with my tongue, so I kind of had to reteach myself how to treat people. I think that to some people, if they hurt someone's feelings, it isn't their fault for being unkind, they dump the responsibility on the hurt party saying that they have no sense of humor and that isn't very mature.

Brooke and her animals

It always amazes me how protective and loving our animals are with Brooke. 98% of the time that bedtime/story time happens, our own Thomas the Cat leaves wherever he is sleeping to curl up with Brooke to listen to the stories and get affection from her. Thomas is not a very affectionate cat by nature, like a typical cat affection happens on his own time and in his own way...except where Brooke is concerned. He worships that child, when she was little he seemed to almost be energized by her giggle and laugh and would sometimes play with her for as long as a half hour, the more she laughed, the more he played. It bows my mind because we clean his litter box, his cat tree is in our room, and we feed him. Yet it is obvious who butters his bread because every night at 8pm, wherever that child is, the cat is as well.

And of course the dog loves her to death too. Sasha's day begins it seems, when Brooke walks through the door after school. She will barely move throughout the entire day, she seems to only come alive once Brooke is home. She basks in the glow of any attention and love Brooke puts upon her.

I feel good about the fact that our animals love Brooke so much. I am a strong believer that an animal can really tell a lot about someone's true character and how they are treated by animals can very much show their measurement as a person. Since our animals do seem to love her so much, I think that shows pretty good reflection upon us as parents, and I like that.

In all, after moments like tonight, watching Brooke with Thomas yet again, I am proud and I feel like I am very lucky indeed.

Modern Marvels

I was watching an episode of Modern Marvels on coin-operated machinery. I used to hate stuff like that a decade or more ago, but I have definitely turned into my father's daughter, I now love historical stuff, trivia, and educational information. Anyway, they talked about coin-operated machines; vending machines, parking meters, video games, etc. The first coin-operated machine was in 215 B.C. in a holy water dispenser! The coin-operated machines out there is a $350 billion a year industry! Crazy huh?

Calling all peeps, need help please!

Uh, I have lost my inbox on LJ... At first I thought it was due to the changex on my computer, but my laptop is the same way. WTF? How the hell do I get it back?
How did you choose your LiveJournal username? Is there an interesting story behind it?

A lot of people have LJ names that are their first or last names, their animals, or even their kids. Mine is a tad different. Years and years ago when I was first on AOL chat, I think I picked a name like "weird" or "odd" student. But those were taken. AOL gave me a suggestion of a couple of names and they were all "anomalous" with numbers and I looked up whwat anomaly means and LOVED it.
Anomalous: –adjective 1. deviating from or inconsistent with the common order, form, or rule; irregular; abnormal: Advanced forms of life may be anomalous in the universe.
2. not fitting into a common or familiar type, classification, or pattern; unusual: He held an anomalous position in the art world.
3. incongruous or inconsistent.

I like being different, not like the rest of the pack so I LOVED the name and kept it. Not very many people know what it means, but that is ok.

Writer's Block: Snark, who goes there?

Have you ever said something to an online friend that you would never say in person? Do you think it's easier to discount real feelings when a relationship takes place largely online? Can the emotional disconnect become habit-forming?

Oh my word, this topic is so personal with things that I went through last year. I don't consider there to be a difference to who I am online and who I am in real life. I say what I do and I do what I say. My word is golden, if I promise something people know that without a shadow of a doubt that I will do everything in my power to keep my promises.

I would like to think that when I have a friend on LJ, that person considers me a good of a friend as I do them. I am not fake and I am not a hypocrite. I don't lie, or least I try not to.

So, have I said things online that I would not normally say in person? Yes, I have, being able to say things through a keyboard is a lot easier than looking someone in the eye and saying how you feel. I definitely try though that if I would have the guts to say it over email then I would have to be willing to say it in person as wlel. I get so pissed off when people get all snarky and bitchy in a community and talk crap like they are bad asses but then they won't have the guts to do that in person. I feel like it is incredibly two-sided and a form of lying. That is so stupid in my opinion.
If a loved one got diagnosed with a painful, terminal illness and asked you to help them terminate their life before they deteriorated, would you do it? If so, would you want to be present during their last moments?

I would help someone end their life if they wanted me to and they were terminal, as long as it wasn't going to make me go to jail or anything and it was painless for them. I would indeed want to be there for them. I have never watched anyone pass away, but if it was someone that I loved, I would not want them to be alone.

Writer's Block: Nature or nurture

Do you think your moods are controlled by your brain chemistry or that your brain chemistry dictates your moods? Do you believe people are born with particular emotional temperaments or that they are primarily shaped by environmental factors?

Believing strongly in psychology and psychiatry, I believe that brain chemistry can dictate our mood changes at times and how we handle and react to situations. I do believe that environmental factors can play strongly in one's emotions, however ultimately one person may handle things better or be able to overcome depression better than another due to their brain chemistry, the hormones in their body, and their biological make-up. I know that my family has a history of addiction, personality disorders and swift mood changes. People are definitely affected by enviornmental factors, however what someone has biologically going on upstairs affects how they will ultimately handle affairs in their own lives. Most importantly, if someone is aware of the chemical tendencies they have, they can work with them to have them positively move in their favor.

Writer's Block: Seeing stars

Which character from any film, television show, or book would you most like to take on a date and why?

I had to think about this, but I finally realized who my ideal partner would be from a fictional character. It would be Matthew Perry's character Chandler from the TV show Friends. He is good-looking, funny, smart, charming, and he loved Monica with all his heart. She seemed to wear the pants in the relationship, however Chandler strongly defended her if it was needed, accepted her for all her faults, and he is great at elf-deprecation humor. I loved his character, I felt like he was the fantasy man for me before I met my husband. And honestly, I think that Jeremy is just like Chandler, except he is not quite as confident in the things he says and does. Jeremy is so incredibly handsome to me, he is so funny and charming and smart, just like Chandler.